The imaging Department at Womens Center is equipped with following modalities for efficient imaging and descision making.

• 3D Uterus
• Sonohysterogram
• Color Doppler study
• MRI 1.5 T
• MrgFUS
• Ultrasound Guided Aspiration, Biopsies of Breast
• Mobile X-ray
• Mammogram with ultrasound


  • MRI 1.5T, focussed pelvic imaging gives excellent anatomy for fibroid mapping, assessment of spectrum of pelvic endometriosis and uterine malformations.
  • GE- 1.5T MRI System is integrated with MrgFUS system to treat uterine fibroids and
  • 3D Sonohysterogram with color Doppler for delineation iof uterine intracavutary lesion,
    LASMAR scoring of fibroids and uterine anomalies.
  • BMD – Bone Mineral Densitometry for detecting osteopenia / osteoporosis.
  • Mammogram for screening for Breast microcalcification and masses.