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  • First Gynec facility with MRgFUS – Non – Surgical Management of Fibroids and Adenomyosis [DEC 2012]
  • First Frozen Blastocyst Transfer Pregnancy [FEB 2004]
  • First ART Center to be Certified with ISO 9001 : 2000 in India [OCT 2002]
  • First oocyte donation pregnancy in Coimbatore [SEP 2002]
  • First frozen embryo transfer pregnancy in South India [NOV 2001]
  • First Center to offer total Infertility Management Solutions to Infertile Couples [JAN 2001]
  • First Pregnancy with immotile sperm [MAY 2000]
  • First Pregnancy with globozoospermia. [JAN 2000]
  • First TESE/ICSI pregnancy in South India [MAY 1999]
  • First Blastocyst culture pregnancy in India [MAY 1999]
  • First IVF pregnancy in Coimbatore [SEP 1996]